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Monetary Giving

Monetary donations can be made to the OU Foundation, and all philanthropic contributions are tax-deductible as prescribed by law. You can make a donation via the campaign link or one of the specific links below.

Additionally, you mail a check, payable to:
OU Foundation
PO Box 258856
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-8856

We will notify physicians if donations are made in their honor. If you'd like to make a donation in honor of your provider, first find the fund you'd like to donate to. Then click "In Honor Of" at the bottom of the donation page and write in the name of your physician.

If you have any questions about making a monetary donation, please contact :

Anne Clouse
Chief Development Officer
OU Medicine
405-271-5912 ext. 51173

Stacey Maxon
Assistant Vice President of Development
OU Health Sciences Center

Our COVID-19 Related Funds

COVID-19 Research and Treatment

OU Health Sciences Center and OU Medicine physicians and researchers are implementing new treatment processes and protocols, as well as developing new vaccines for COVID-19. Funding is needed for the operation of clinical trials, personnel to run studies, and the purchase of instrumentation and equipment. Enhanced lab testing equipment will allow for not only faster test results, but also running a higher volume of tests at one time. Research funding costs 40 cents for every federal dollar – philanthropic gifts supporting clinical trials and the purchase of technology and supplies are crucial to fast-tracking treatment research. COVID-19 research efforts will include vaccine development, medications and treatments, data collection and predictive modeling, and public health interventions.Your contribution will assist in fast tracking COVID-19 research through the support of clinical trials, personnel to run studies, equipment and more.
Give directly to COVID-19 Research and Treatment >

Healthcare Employee Relief Fund

Contributions to the COVID-19 Healthcare Worker Support Fund will benefit our OU Medicine and HSC healthcare workers and support staff who are on the frontline of this pandemic. Your dollars will help those who need daycare assistance as they continue to serve our state’s most vulnerable. It will also provide meals to our frontline healthcare workers, and support our healthcare workers experiencing financial hardships due to COVID-19 with assistance to pay medical bills, rent and utilities.
Give directly to the Healthcare Employee Relief Fund >

Medical Supplies Fund

Medical supplies, including personal protective equipment (PPE), and machines are essential for treatment and alleviating patients’ pain and suffering.

  • Urgent equipment needs for ICU preparedness total $480,000 including the purchase of powerful remote monitoring technology that will allow our ICU intensivists, respiratory therapists and ICU nurses to efficiently monitor all COVID+ patients on ventilators and cardiac monitors from outside the patient room. It also includes the purchase of a hydrogen peroxide vaporization system that would be used to perform mass sterilization of respirator masks ($50,000). An estimated $3.86 million will be required to provide a 6-month supply of PPE, including masks, gowns, gloves, goggles, face shields and other supplies, to meet the needs of our medical professionals and healthcare support staff to keep them safe while they treat patients.
  • Telemedicine will allow OU Medicine to examine and treat both COVID-positive and non-COVID patient populations virtually to ensure the safety and health of our healthcare workforce is maximized. The expansion of this program will cost $550,000 and includes the purchase of 200 iPads, iPods and software to conduct virtual visits, the ability to send a clinician to a patient’s home to monitor their COVID-19 symptoms and connect the patient with a provider, and the ability for providers to remotely monitor ICU patients in the hospital. Telehealth also allows for our patients to connect with loved ones that are unable to stay with them in the hospital due to visitation restrictions.
  • Operating costs for a mobile ER total an estimated $280,000, which includes the purchase and rental of triage tents and the cost to operate the mobile ER with additional providers and medical personnel.

Give directly to the Medical Supplies Fund >

Education and Training Fund

This crisis has illustrated the shortage of healthcare providers for the state of Oklahoma. Funding for education and training of nurses and physicians is critical, as well as investment in the Hudson College of Public Health in such areas as epidemiology.
Give directly to the Education and Training Fund >

OU Medicine and HSC Sooners Helping Sooners

Many OU Health Sciences Center students will go on to serve our local communities as healthcare professionals upon their graduation. Now more than ever, they need your help as they balance their academic pursuits with serving patients in a clinical setting, all while trying to grapple with the uncertainty and challenges caused by COVID-19. A gift to OUHSC Sooners Helping Sooners will help our medical students who need it most to address their basic life necessities and ensure their education and training.
Give directly to Sooners Helping Sooners>