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Medical Volunteers

Medical Provider Volunteer and Temporary Work Opportunities

The University of Oklahoma College of Medicine and OU Medicine, Inc., are establishing an academic center of excellence intended to provide leading-edge care for patients affected by COVID-19. Our physicians, nurses and staff are going above and beyond, and our leaders have provided a surge strategy that will ensure availability of necessary resources to care for patients affected by the virus. As with Europe, New York and across our country, success will lie in our ability to come together as a body of providers to meet the needs head-on.

If you are interested in caring for our community during this time, please contact us. Your input will help establish a care strategy capable of delivering the best quality of care for patients, families and colleagues affected by COVID-19.

Temporary Positions

Are you a healthcare worker who wants to temporarily volunteer to meet surge needs? Complete the form. If you have questions about volunteer positions, email

OU Medicine, Inc. has also established temporary positions for ICU RNs, Med/Surg RNs and Respiratory Therapists for those in the community interested in temporary employment. For a list of these open position, visit our career website. For questions about temporary opportunities, email

Today and every day, healthcare workers are one of our state's most valuable resources. Join us in this fight. We are grateful for your time and support.