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Keeping Connected During Your Loved One's Stay

At OU Health, we know family members are an essential part of the health care team. Unfortunately, the current COVID-19 pandemic requires that we limit the number of people who may enter our facilities, including immediate family members. It is important we are creative in how we work together with families in the care of their loved ones. We understand including families in patient care reduces anxiety, improves outcomes, reduces length of stay, provides better discharge planning and decreases the chance for readmission.

Now more than ever, we are innovating and making improvements to collaborate with families to care for and support their loved ones. During this temporary time of restricted visitation, we want to ensure our care team members partner with you in the following ways:

  • We will provide you with a code number upon admission. This number allows family members to receive information when they call the unit for updates. Please share this number with your family.
  • Your provider will communicate with your designated family member or loved one, either virtually or by phone, once daily to let them know how you are doing. Please discuss expectations with your provider before or at time of admission.
  • We will include your designated family member or loved one in EVERY important conversation.
  • Inpatient staff will communicate using the EASE application to EASE-registered patients at least once per shift.
  • In the ICU, communications by nursing staff may be through the EASE application or by phone.
  • We will facilitate virtual communication between providers and families via electronic devices.
  • We will include family and loved ones in the discharge planning process and discharge teaching.

Ways to Stay Connected

If your smartphone, tablet or computer has a camera, there is a good chance you have an app already installed to connect with your loved ones virtually. You and the person you are trying to connect with must use the same app

Video Chat Apps that come on Smartphones and Devices:

Google Duo

Other Apps

Google Hangouts
Facebook Messenger
Signal Private Messenger

Stay Connected